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Oddly Satisfying

As I started learning C4D, I got into creating heavy textured elements. It's a tidies learning process however, it feels like a treasure hunt since I find new effects and tools every time I open this software. These are some works I did where I experimented with different textures and created oddly satisfying loop animation. 


I started with modeling the base structure and added Voronoi Fracture to create the slice the sphere.

Different view points of this animation. 

I decided to use reflective materials to create interesting patterns from the sphere getting sliced.


Used dynamic body tag (soft body) and adjust the amount of stiffness to have the ball stretch when it goes through the ring. 

Different view points of this animation. 

Used environment to create the strong highlight and adjusted the roughness of the texture to create the smooth look. 

Texture experiment

A class project where I had the opportunity to explore the tools in C4D and I decided to create something outside my comfort zone. I decided to experiment the reflection tool to create patterns that reminisce a starry light. 

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