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 I started my concept as the stereotypical 90s style, using neon vibrant colors. As I kept experimenting with the visual concept, I got lost with the idea I wanted to express. I decided to film myself dancing with footloose and use my own dance moves as a reference. 


I used shape layers and used turbulent displace to give a going back in time effect. I controlled the timing by duplicating the layers to synchronize with in music. 

I wanted to express the words with movements, for this one I decided to make the “shoes” tapping on the dance floor using turbulent displace and camera to maximize the energy. 

I animated the colors using the fill effect, for this scene I used turbulent displace and scale to create a splash paint effect to have a smooth transition. 

I used the drop shadow effect and the camera blur effect as the camera zooms in to the words to let the viewers feel it’s coming right into their face. 

The tile of text is for the next step to use the CC cylinder effect and I duplicated the layers to fill the screen.  

I animated the CC cylinder using the rotation Y and Z. I also used the camera to zoom into the cylinder and changed the colors using the effects. 

Style Frame

I wanted to focus on using various colors that express happiness and joy to dance in groups of people on the dance floor.  I tried to incorporate retro colors into the project to replicate the style from the 1980s.

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