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Imagine the moment you drink an extremely cold soda that was in the cooler box on a hot summer day. The sparkling bubbles dives into your throat and the icy sweet liquid takes you to a different dimension. I decided to create a sequence where I expressed the moment of the marble when you open the bottle. Since Ramune is a drink for summer festivals in Japan, I will be combining elements such as fireworks in the scene to represent the drink Ramune. 

Mood board



Focused on studying the reflection of the materials since most of the elements in the scenes were transparent. The lighting, colors and the amount of intensity was the key to express the icy world inside the Ramune bottle. 


Story board

My original plan was to do background and effects such as bubbles and fireworks in 2D, however as I was working on this project I ended up doing everything in 3D since I wanted to explore and gain my knowledge in 3D. The goal for this project was to show the journey of the marble while showing an abstract world expressing the feeling of the moment when drinking a cold soda in a hot summer. 


Color Script

For this project, the music I used is very special to me and I wanted to project the emotions I felt when I listened to it the first time. Summer for me is not just fun but creates a bittersweet moment and I wanted to create a mood that feels a bit sentimental. Deciding the colors was very crucial, I experimented a lot combining different colors to find the perfect “blue” for this piece.                                                                            

color script.png


wip 01.PNG

I started this project by modeling the bottle which was one of the hardest parts of doing this project. At first I decided to separate the top and the bottom and combine them together but it didn’t work out.

I decided to create the bottle using a single sphere and modeled the bottle using various tools and extruded the surface to add thickness.

ramune render 03.jpg

This is the bottle without the rounded dense on top of the bottle. I created the dense using the brush tool.   

Final look


Started from modeling elements such as crystals and ice cubes. Mostly adding noise and reshaping using the brush tool.  Also used the Collider tool to break the shapes into pieces.

Screen Shot 2021-05-20 at

Explored different textures and levels of reflection and transparency to find the right balance.

Added fog, lighting and bubbles to make the underwater scene believable.

Final look

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